The Perfect Job

This week I was given a contract at a cafe called the Redwood Cafe in the Inventors Nest. So I bake the products we had agreed on, and off I trot. While there I got talking to the owner (Maria) who thought I might like to do a pop-up event there during a production of Banksy which was going to be performed at the Inventors Nest in a different part of the building. I thought, absolutely I’d love to. So we made a plan for me to go back the next day for me to familiarize myself with the cafe, etc. I can honestly say, that, that little cafe which is attached to a theatre, and circus school is the coolest place ever. I met some of the nicest, funnest, people in the shortest period of time than I have met in Toronto (my Y friends aside) all the years I have lived here. There was such a positive vibe about the place, which seemed to bring out the best of people, or vice versa (it’s a chicken egg thing) and I felt so privileged and grateful that I was being given this opportunity. Sometimes, of late I have been questioning as to wether all the hours baking and making so little, if any money was worth it. But after my day at this little cafe I have been given  new hope that maybe it is worth it. There is a whole world out there that is mine for the taking as long as I am willing to take risks and trust the process. I am looking forward to going back to the Redwood Cafe again next week, spending some more time there figuring out what people would like food wise, and how I can make that happen. I’m also looking forward to getting a shot of the positive energy that I felt this week. Maybe see some of you there if you’re in the neighbourhood.

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