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It has only taken me a week to set up my blog, Ive had my entire life put on hold while I have tried to figure out the “Deets” on how to do it. About 10 days ago, I came up with the idea that because I like to keep busy when Im not baking, I’d like to start a blog. Thinking it would be straightforward I read that one has to get WordPress.Org  (absolutely not WordPress.com), then a host. So I download WordPress.org, sign up Siteground as a host and figure thats it….not! after a few days I find out that nothing has changed, so I get on siteground and go to support, where they start hurling technical terms at me such as Domains, DNS, Propagation, etc which a week ago I knew nothing about. One week later I am an expert on these terms even though I didn’t want to be. So after arguing with every representative from Siteground, GoDaddy, Squarespace, and recovering my website which has been down all this time, I am up and running, but absolutely too tired to write an award winning Blog and check to find out what exactly happened to my website email, which also got lost when I switched domains. So on this note, I will let you know how I recover from this ordeal and in a few days write the blog I had planned. Next week (Sunday 9/September)  I’m at the Leslieville Farmers Market so I need to be working on my menu for that, I promised a friend I’d take her to Costco and my husband starts a new Job . All exciting stuff, but glad there is nothing of importance while I recoup from all this internet stuff. Talk soon.

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    1. I just sit down and figure out a topic, then try to be as open and honest as possible (without overexposing myself) and I find the words just come. Just have fun with it, be consistent and write as often as your comfortable with. I think people like a “human” approach, someone they can relate to. Good luck
      I love your website, the food looks delicious. Thanks for dropping by.

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