Farmers Markets 2018

Last year I started my business at 2 new Farmers Markets, never made a cent, but enjoyed meeting people and the preparation leading up to the weekly events. Tiring physically and mentally,  but this was my new business and I was going to make it work. Well, my hard work, sleepless nights and the depletion of my entire savings didn’t pay off financially and never  led to any big contracts or any anything really. I have a few very faithful customers and everyone who tries my baking loves it, so this year  was going to be the” Year of Therese”after all, everybody starts out like me …right? So the 2 new Farmers Markets that I did last year were both cancelled . No problem I’ll get another market ???  I haven’t so far and its not for lack of trying, its just not happening for me this year. Then I get an email to join one of the busiest markets around as a guest vendor, I think this is it, this is my lucky break. I baked liked a fiend stayed up the night before preparing, husband in tow we head out to the Sunday morning Farmers Market. It could not have been raining any harder, I had puddles in-between my toes as we tried to put up my tent, which was filling up very quickly with the biblical proportions of rain coming down. At noon, the organizers decided to call it a day as no-one was bothering to come out to shop, the weather was so awful, they had never seen it so bad, or see such few market goers.  So that was it, I don’t know what is going to happen next but Im not giving up yet. I will be allowed to go back to the market again for another shot and I did enjoy what little contact I had with the clientele. This is my journey and damn it I’m going to enjoy it.