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I have literally searched a lifetime for a career that I actually felt was right for me. I’ve been a Nurse, Bus Driver, Chef, etc, etc., all of which I worked for someone else. I started baking when one day I told one of my workout buddies that I was job hunting with no results, she told me to” just bake”.

 My friend then proceeded to post on our facilities social media pages, that I had started my own bakery business and was taking orders. I think that, that was the nudge that I needed and although I’m not raking-it-in by any means, I’m enjoying myself. I love how cakes and baked goods can make people so happy and I don’t think I could put a price tag on that. I like making small batches of my goods, as then they remain personal and maintain a  “homemade”  look, that is so important to me. I keep learning with everything I make and continually try to make things taste better. I am originally from the UK so I love making the cakes I grew up with, cakes that are rare in North America, so if you’re from England, Scotland, Wales, or Ireland and are feeling nostalgic for one of your childhood favourites, please contact me as I’m pretty sure I can help you rekindle your memories.

The bottom line is I go the extra mile in all that I do. I strive for perfection and don’t settle for less than the best ingredients, the best tools, and the best presentation of my work and your order is my number one priority.